Bright Blue Active

When a busy, active life demands that you constantly move your feet, you need good shoes that can adapt to your life on the go.

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High-top sneakers from / Sports bra, jacket and tights from adidas

Our feet are our levers, balancers and shock absorbers. Keep them happy and healthy. Wearing heels all day can be tiring and give you bad blisters, so leave the stilettos at home and choose comfortable sneakers instead.

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If you ever wished your favorite sneakers could give you the confidence and lengthen those legs like stilettos do, shoe lifts are the simplest solution. Add up to 2 inches (or 4.5cm) taller with these removable silicone insoles that you can wear with almost any regular shoe. The height is adjustable by removing the detachable silicone heel. Works best with high-top sneakers and boots.

Baimomo Heel Insole

BAIMOMO silicone insole from