Freedom To Move

When I’m not at the gym or playing a sport, I like to stay active while finding balance for my mind, body and soul by practicing yoga. It’s a wonderful way to stretch and relieve those achy muscles, especially a day or two after an intense workout. Whether you’re a hardcore athlete, dancer, housewife or couch potato, you need to remember to stttreeetttchhhh.

fay hokulani yoga stretch

Practicing yoga keeps me steady in times when I feel unbalanced or stressed. It keeps me happy and opens up my thoughts to more positive ones.

The best part is, it’s an exercise you can do almost anywhere – by your desk, in the living room, or any outdoor area with a serene view. All you need is your body and a yoga mat!

Hold a stretch

Mornings are perfect for yoga. Even if you’re only able to squeeze in ten minutes of yoga or stretching before going about day, your body will benefit so much from it. It will not only prepare your muscles for the day, but the slow increase in heart rate also allows your body rejuvenate itself.

fay handstand

I’ve always wanted go on a road-trip with the pure intention to find beautiful places and surroundings where I can practice outdoor yoga. That’s definitely in my bucketlist this year!

Out ‘n About

One of the things I love to do besides working out is… eating out! While I eat clean most of time  (this means little to no processed or packaged foods, just wholesome fresh meat, fruits and vegetables prepared at home), every once in a while, I like to indulge in some delicious homemade barbeque food.


Who says you can’t hang out with friends and eat healthy? If you’re planning to host the next barbeque party, here are some tips to tackle a cookout the right way:

1. Write a list

A thorough shopping list should help make the supermarket trip a little less daunting. Take note of what you already have (i.e. condiments, plastic cups, plates, cutleries and charcoal for instance) so you don’t end up buying more than what you need.

In addition to keeping expenses in check, consider your personal cooking skills as well. Cook dishes you are familiar with or you can always throw a potluck barbeque party so everyone can enjoy making and bringing their favorite recipes!

bbq potluck

2. Stay on top of it

When it comes to buying and getting all the barbeque paraphernalia, having a car to take you around makes the task a lot more convenient! Your friends might be calling you up while you’re busy running errands so you could use the extra help with Ford Sync.

Fay Driving-2

Keep your hands on the wheel and answer calls or read text messages using voice command to minimize driving distraction. Want to know what you friends are up to? Ford Sync is capable of reading out Twitter updates for you too!

3. There’s always a healthier option!

Using leaner cuts of meat will make a big difference in how healthier your grilled meal will be. If you’re thinking about a yummy hotdog, try low fat or gourmet sausages as they tend to be lower in fats and preservatives. They may be more expensive than the usual supermarket brand, so add a variation with other types of meat such as chicken and fish. Remove skin from the meat and go easy on the chili sauce if you want to cut back on calories.


4. Add fresh fruits to the mix

Who doesn’t love rainbows, they have a way of bringing out my inner child and making me smile.

rooftop bbq rainbow

Mixed fruits on a skewer are fantastic as an appetizer or even as dessert. Cut up your favorite fruit in even squares and place them on skewers in rainbow color order. Try it with strawberries, blueberries, grapes, pineapple, kiwi and orange. Mix 1 ½ cups of fat-free Greek yogurt with ¼ of honey to create a delectable dip!


5. Game on!

Enjoying the beautiful weather, food and the company of friends are what barbeques are all about. Liven things up with some fun activities or games to keep everyone entertained!


Now gather your buddies for a guilt-free cookout and capture your action moments on Instagram video for a stand a chance to win VIP tickets to see Linkin Park. Join the movement now!


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Bring out the #ActionAddict and make those playful moments worthwhile!

Live To Move

I absolutely love being active and relish the feeling of getting up early in the morning for serious workout at the gym or outdoors. I believe that in order to get to the point of loving the action, it all comes down to the hard work that goes into building the right attitudes and habits.


Living a healthy lifestyle starts with positive habits, we all know that even though it’s hard to do sometimes, especially when you can get caught up up with other things. That’s why it’s important to keep things fresh. Do something different once in a while. Remember my last post on How To Be An Action Buff? Be spontaneous!

I’m always looking for somewhere new to explore. I love to seek nice parks or pathways to run along, going on a hike or checking out a new gym that just opened up just so that there’s something different to look forward to when it comes to getting into action.


Being able to move around freely or doing things in the spur of the moment means I would need a car to take me around. I’d keep a gym bag in the boot packed with my workout attire and trainers so there are no excuses of being unprepared for any action!

Be Active Everyday2

Although my favorite color is purple, having a purple car would a little too feminine for my taste. My choice of color for a car would be the color of sunshine – ORANGE!

1Fay Hokulani Ford Fiesta Orange

 Bright and happy orange to signify my energetic mood.

What color would YOU pick for your getaway car?

The Fiesta Life

Being healthy and energetic has always been my number one priority. Whether it’s working out at the gym, playing my favorite sport or getting a group of friends together for a day out, I always make it point to be active everyday.

My daily mission is to MOVE, break out a little SWEAT and soak up a bit of SUN. It’s not just for the fantastic physical benefits, but ultimately for a clearer headspace and those beloved endorphins that leave me feeling refreshed!

Some of my favorite activities are running outdoors, working out at the gym with a friend, in-line skating, Muay Thai, yoga and badminton. If you’re wondering how one could possibly have the time to do all those things… well, you’ll just never know until you make that effort to DO it, right?

Fay Hokulani Intro

Sometimes I find that the hardest part about running is getting out of your warm, comfortable bed in the morning. But once you’ve laced up and start pounding the pavement, you don’t want to stop. The air is crisp and the sun welcomes you with its warm glow. It feels amazing to outdoors. The next day, I want to it all over again.

See, it’s all about leaving your comfort zone once in a while to enjoy something that can be truly rewarding not just for your well-being, but the wonderful experience you give for your mind and body.

 Push yourself out of your comfort zone and see what you are made of! Try a new sport, do something different and add a bit of action and movement in your life today. Let’s ignite new and old passions, get a bit courageous, inquisitive and embrace active living. We only have one life after all, let’s make it fulfilling and worthwhile!

3 Tips On How To Be An Action Addict 

1. Do activities you love and dare to try new things

Explore Your Interests

Turn your interest in any sport into a hobby, or switch it up and pick up a new pursuit. Try to do something new every once in a while to keep things fun and exciting. Integrate exercise and movement into your daily life. Exercise your heart!

 2. Involve your partner and/or friends in your activities

Get Involved

Having a workout partner is a sure fire way to boost motivation, plus it makes exercise a whole lot more enjoyable if you can share it and get caught up in the game with lots of giggles along the way.

3. Leave the rest to spontaneity

Be Spontaneous

Do something on a whim, something without premeditated reasoning or debate. Something adventurous, brave, ridiculous even, anything that releases that inner kid within. It could be playing catch with your friends in an open field with a squirt gun (Songkran!), doing (or learning to do) a cartwheel, taking a road trip or helping out a charity cause. The limits are endless and you’ll find how good it feels to simply follow your heart. <3

There are multitudes of different ways to bring activeness into your everyday life, you just need a little imagination! So, get creative and be prepared to move out of your comfort zone and use these ideas as an opportunity to create your own fun action pursuit.

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Be creative and have fun! For the record, it was my first time shooting Instagram video and I had no idea it was recording sound, oops! 😛

The rules are simple:

 –        Instagram videos must be raw, unedited and between 6 to 10 seconds long

–        You can tag as many #myfiestamovement and #actionaddict Instagram photos and videos as you want, as long as it’s relevant to Active Living & Movement theme

–        Don’t forget to tag #myfiestamovement and #actionaddict

–        Share your Instagram posts between 8 July 2013 to 12 August 2013 (contest closed at midnight)

Make those moments worthwhile and keep up the movement!

With Love,