I absolutely love being active and relish the feeling of getting up early in the morning for serious workout at the gym or outdoors. I believe that in order to get to the point of loving the action, it all comes down to the hard work that goes into building the right attitudes and habits.


Living a healthy lifestyle starts with positive habits, we all know that even though it’s hard to do sometimes, especially when you can get caught up up with other things. That’s why it’s important to keep things fresh. Do something different once in a while. Remember my last post on How To Be An Action Buff? Be spontaneous!

I’m always looking for somewhere new to explore. I love to seek nice parks or pathways to run along, going on a hike or checking out a new gym that just opened up just so that there’s something different to look forward to when it comes to getting into action.


Being able to move around freely or doing things in the spur of the moment means I would need a car to take me around. I’d keep a gym bag in the boot packed with my workout attire and trainers so there are no excuses of being unprepared for any action!

Be Active Everyday2

Although my favorite color is purple, having a purple car would a little too feminine for my taste. My choice of color for a car would be the color of sunshine – ORANGE!

1Fay Hokulani Ford Fiesta Orange

 Bright and happy orange to signify my energetic mood.

What color would YOU pick for your getaway car?

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