adidas #mygirls is all about bringing sporty sisters together to motivate, inspire and share our passion for fitness.

We’re active. We move. We take on challenges.

Are you ready to go all in with #mygirls ?


I’ve been over the moon and words can’t describe how stoked I am about being a part of #mygirls in Southeast Asia. 5 adidas girls represent Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore/Malaysia. We all have at least 2 things in common – sports, and love for the 3 stripes 😉

adidas mygirls fitness
Kim (Vietnam), Maria Selena (Indonesia) and Si Phitsinee (Thailand).

Don’t mess with Kim because she’s into taekwando, you could probably tell from that knockout figure! Maria is a professional basketball player and Si Phitsinee enjoys boxing and yoga fly. Kickin’ ass is a full-time job.

mygirls asia
Ana Karylle (Philippines), Maria Selena, Si Phitsinee and I are all in with #mygirls.

Besides capturing hearts with her beautiful voice, Ana loves ballet and running. These girls were so much fun to hang out with and we really gotta thank adidas for the introduction! We had a 2-day photoshoot done at different locations. Here are some more behind-the-scenes…

adidas women shoot

adidas mygirls southeast asia 2013



Alvelyn, who was our photographer for the shoot, happened to be my homie! We used to work at Borders (yes, the bookstore) back in ’07 when we were art students. I’m so happy to see that she’s pursuing her passion for photography as a career. How often do we get paid for what we love to do?

No matter how busy work can get at times, take a step back and remember that you are capable of great and wonderful things and be blessed to be living a beautiful life. Grateful = Greatness.

adidas women shoes

The adidas #mygirls dream team.
The adidas #mygirls dream team.

I’d like to thank WLF followers for your continued love and support. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So here’s another giveaway for one lucky fan. Are you all in? Check out the adidas store near you and snap a photo with #mygirls in the background for a chance to win this adidas Sennheiser earphones.

adidas sennheiser mx680 sport

Share your photo on my Facebook page or on Instagram with hashtag #mygirlsSEA to enter.

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Get on it. Go all in. Share your moment with #mygirls now!

3 thoughts on “adidas #mygirls, here we go!

  1. Faye, thank you for being an inspiration to so many around the world!
    I am much older, and while I have waited to long to take care of changing body, that is I gained to much weight, I have started walking longer distances. Typical walks are 5 to 8 km. Recently I started running about 100 to 15m. I have read that most new to running over do shoes, and that a minalmalist shoe is better than a heavier running shoe. What does Faye think?

    Thank you so much!!

  2. Hi Fay! Hope all’s good! You’re looking fit and beautiful as always! I hope you don’t mind me asking, has the winner for this been picked? hehe.. I submitted my post sometime back.. So I’m just wondering.. 🙂


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