Who Is Going To Stop Me

The weather has been quite erratic lately; sunny one afternoon and heavy downpours the next. This time last month (Aug 11), the 2013 Singapore adidas King of the Road (KOTR) running event had to be cancelled due to bad weather. While others headed for breakfast or to the gym instead, my girl friend Sara (and her hubby, Hinn, the man behind the lens) decided to run part of the race course on the way home.

“How often do you get your own road? #queenoftheroad”, she said.

Kudos to you both! The thing they were pissed about was not so much about the event being cancelled and not getting a refund, but Hinn’s phone, which he used to take the photo, was soaked since they ran 10km in the rain. He had to replace it with another one for $350… making that run quite possibly the most expensive run they had to pay for.

Anyway, a week after the event, Sara threw her *famous* annual tea party for her closest friends. This girl loves running (she has a treadmill at home!) as much as she loves to bake, and boy did she whip up a storm!

Sara's Vintage Tea Party

She spent 16 hours baking all those pretty pastries while Hinn helped out with the mini sandwiches.

Check out the extensive menu:

Sara's Vintage Tea Party Menu

I’m not going to lie, I had a bite of almost everything! I couldn’t stop myself and everybody was keen to share (the calories). My favorite was her Nutella bread pudding and Hinn’s smoked salmon cucumber sandwiches. A bit of sin, a bit of healthy. Let’s keep it balanced, why don’t we?

Sara's Tea Party 2013

I wished you would just open up a bakery, Sara!

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