To feel your best you have to take care of yourself. March is Wellness Month and I’ll be sharing some beauty tips this week on the Luxola blog

LXedit Wellness Week With Fay

Wellness is a balance of the mind, body and spirit. Consciously taking care of your own wellness is crucial for your longevity and happiness.

 I personally chose these products from Luxola to try out this week in honor of Wellness Month. It’s time to give the skin a treat in order to look good and put your best face forward! I’ll be posting daily for the whole week on LX Edit to share on how I use these products as part of my beauty regimen. Follow me on Instagram for the photo updates 🙂

Fay luxola feature
A sneak peek of my favorite things this week. Bookmark and look out for my posts!

Be good to yourself and you’ll be able to give a lot more to your family, friends and at work. Give yourself a healthy treat this wellness month. I’d love to hear what do to pamper yourself, leave it the comment please. Mahalo!

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