After a month of living out of a suitcase and almost two without internet (sorry for the long hiatus!), I’ve officially relocated again. Charles and I have made MANILA our new home…

The adventure begins!


Moving to a new city can come with as many obstacles as getting into shape. For instance, I didn’t expect it would take us months to find an apartment we both love and fits our budget. We even began apartment-hunting last November! After several delays with visa application and a ton of other paperwork, we finally found ourselves a cozy apartment overlooking the beautiful Manila Golf Course and Makati skyline. WIN!

In fitness terms, I would say; Don’t expect immediate results and keep sweating to figure out what works best for your body. You can’t rush something you want to last a long time, right?

Welcome new challenges.

One of the things I secretly love to do in the kitchen is pretending I’m a famous chef. Living out of a suitcase made it hard to fix a home-cooked meal so I was compelled to eat out. Everyday. For about a month. My not-so healthy eating habits affected my well-being to some extent. And I’ll be completely honest; for a while, I lost the motivation to hit the gym. I missed being a chef…


Keep calm and plan ahead.

For a while, I was caught up in a limbo during the transition period between moving from Singapore to Manila. Being in a completely new surrounding, away from friends and family brings new uncertainties.

I’ve had moments of excitement, happiness, stress, depression and more.

Not all of those feelings are fun, let me tell you.

Spending time looking inward, either while meditating or working out, I’ve been able to identify the root of those feelings, which have led me to understand what I was afraid of so that I could then reframe that perception into opportunity.

I’ve learned that when you’re in the unknown, you don’t know what might come … and so you have to flow with this change. One way to get the courage to begin, from which everything else flows, is to plan and prepare thoroughly in advance. Getting caught up in the things I can’t control in my life only takes away my energy to capitalize on all of the moments I can control.

manila adventure

With my love by my side, anything is possible.

Believe. Dream big.

make the jump




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