Oh My Gosh, Shrimp ‘n Squash

Shrimp n Squash Salad

I cooked squash for the first time and I’m really digging this new combo. And by cook I mean simply throwing it in the steamer. Honestly not even sure what kind of squash this wash…i mean was; but I’m going back to the supermarket to get more.

Squash is known to be great for your skin because of its extremely high vitamin A content which is needed for sebum production that keeps hair moisturized. Vitamin A plays an important role in the growth of all bodily tissues, including skin and hair. 

Now the best part about this dish is not the squash though. It’s lé spicy shrimp. I like to take a bit of shrimp in every bite.

Recipe: Marinate peeled shrimp with coconut oil or evoo, minced garlic, cayenne pepper and paprika. Sauté for about 2 minutes on each side or until the shrimp have turned opaque or pinkish orange. Add fresh sweet basil and Thai chili to infuse aroma and spice.

For the salad I used butterhead lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and steamed broccoli. If you like to eat raw broccoli, by all means, but I prefer the taste of steamed broccoli with a bit of pink Himalayan salt and freshly ground black pepper.

If you’re steaming both the squash and broccoli, make sure to remove the broccoli first or you’ll end up with overcooked broccoli (which is ew) . I use a rice cooker to steam them and it takes roughly ten minutes for broccoli to cook and about twenty minutes for the squash.

Swing, Swing, Kettle Belle Swing.

Kettle Belle

Master the kettlebell swing: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, the kettlebell centered on the floor between your feet, slightly in front of you. Grab the handle with both hands and squat down until thighs are nearly parallel to the floor. Hike the kettlebell backward slightly like a football center to help get momentum going. Then, keeping your back flat and your arms straight, immediately stand up and thrust your hips forward, swinging the kettlebell upward untilit’s at shoulder height. (The power should come from your hips and glutes — not your arms.) Squeeze your glutes and abs at the top position, hard.

Imagine your wrists are made of iron and cannot bend, and keep your gaze focused forward throughout. As the kettlebell begins to arc back down, bend your knees and squat, swinging the kettlebell between your legs. That’s one rep; continue swinging for 10 to 20. Work up to 3 sets of 10 to 20 reps interspersed with 30 seconds of rest.

Down It Pepper Hot.

The first thing I do in the kitchen every morning is prepare this detoxifying, immune-boosting tea. If you like Bloody Mary or love to add spice to just about everything, you’ll take this drink like camel to water. Be careful though; you gotta drink it hot. No pun intended.


The ingredients: Your favourite tea (I usually go for English breakfast or green tea, but you can even skip this if you’re not feelin’ it), a couple thin slices of ginger, juice of half a lemon (preferably organic, so you can use its peel in the drink too) and a dash of cayenne pepper.
Lemon and ginger have been known to work together to promote digestion and circulation while also helping to detox the body. Combining cayenne with lemon increases the detoxing effect and raises the temperature of your body, increasing your metabolism. Besides giving me a boost of energy, I find that it also helps my body get warmed up before my morning yoga practice. 

Split Headstand WIP

An Apple A Day…

When I was a little girl I fainted on an escalator due to hypotension and chipped off half of my two front teeth. My dentist wouldn’t be happy if he saw this photo. He recommends that I slice the apple instead of biting into them to save my teeth from chipping away. I usually do but this time I wanted to test how strong they are!

Fay Bites

You don’t need me to tell you that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away…. But did you know that it can also help you cut back on calories? You are likely to eat less (at least 200 fewer calories!) if you eat this crunchy snack before a meal. Apples are my “fast food” because I can grab it to-go, eat it as it is, and the best part; they are 100% organic and healthy.


From The Studio To The Streets | adidas Fall/Winter 2015

adidas women fw15 Fay hokulani

adidas women fw15 germany


adidas women fw15 yoga

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blogger adidas women fw15 Fay

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Behind-the-scenes | Shooting at adidas HQ in Germany

adidas model germany

adidas hq germany gym

fitness bloggers adidas germany travel
Fitness bloggers unite! Ally, myself, Alex, Faya and Jonathan indulging in a traditional German dinner after fun photoshoot day.

Thank you adidas Singapore and the global team in Herzogenaurach for this truly memorable experience. Don’t miss my previous post ‘Enter The World of adidas: Spring/Summer 2015 collection‘ for more style inspiration.

Photographed by Kalle Singer for adidas