The Explode Program: DAY 7

We have finally reached Day 7, which completes 1 out of the 12 weeks of the Explode Program. Day 7 is another cardio day. I recommend doing 20-30 minutes of running, similar to Day 3. You may choose either one the cardio days to do something else other rather than running such as cycling, rowing, […]

The Explode Program: DAY 6

Day 6 – Shoulders & Abs 1st Set: Dumbbell Alternating Front Raise – 4 sets x 8 reps In a power squat position, grasp one dumbbell between your legs and raise your arm while pushing yourself up. Repeat with other arm. *Tip: On your way up, keep your focus upwards instead of looking forward. ____________________________________________________________ […]

The Explode Program: DAY 4 & 5

Day 4. So we’ve worked on strengthening our upper body mostly and now it’s time to work on your LEGS. DAY 4 – LEGS 1st Set: 45 Degree Leg Press – 5 sets x 8 reps Sit on machine with back on padded support. Place feet on platform. Extend hips and knees. Release dock lever […]

The Explode Program: DAY 3

On Day 3, it’s time to give your muscles a little break and do cardio to burn off some fats. The best and most effective cardio workout is running. Not jogging, not walking at a fast pace. Running. Run for 25 minutes, either outdoors or on the treadmill (speed should be between 7.5 or higher). […]

The Explode Program: DAY 2

How are you feeling after Day 1? Your muscles should start to feel a little sore and achy. That’s a good feeling. That’s the kind of feeling you want to get a day after a workout. That’s when you can say you had a good workout. Day 2. Today, we are going to work on […]