Grocery Shopping: Chrissy’s List

Chrissy (originally from Singapore but now lives in Melbourne) sent in a photo of her groceries last weekend and proves that even though she likes her dessert, she knows how to shop for healthy food. Plus points for getting the essentials such as bananas, muesli, yogurt and even the fresh/smoked salmon and chicken mince – […]

Grocery Shopping: Tashination’s List

Tashie (Read: has been so busy with school and exams lately that she doesn’t spend enough time at home to cook for herself daily. She recently just sent me a photo of her mini grocery shopping this week and I’m glad to know this girl is eating healthy despite all the stress! Are you […]

Grocery Shopping: Su-Yin’s List

Su (Read: Like Cupcakes? You’ll Love ‘Delectable’ By Su) sent in a photo of what was in her grocery basket the other day and proved to me that she even though she might have a sweet tooth for dessert, she balances it out by watching what she has for her regular meals… 1. Low fat […]