Good Food, Good Life: An Amazing Journey With Nestle (Part 1/3)

I’m baaaack. Took 2 weeks to snap out of vacation mode and get into the swing of things again, especially in terms of work, but I’ve kept you waiting long enough from my recent travel adventure to Switzerland. And now I’m finally sharing the best photos and a few awesome stories from the trip; sorry […]

Growing With Nestle

Rise and dine. My favorite meal of the day – breakfast. Oatmeal pancakes, waffle sandwiches, cereal mixed with fresh fruits, scrambled eggs and toast… Mmm. I like a big breakfast. On weekends however, I prefer something light (starting with a protein shake and, or a muesli bar) because instead of a big breakfast, my weekend […]

Getting Lost In Germany

I was over the moon when I found out I get the chance to visit Europe again after two years since my trip to the Nestlé headquarters in Switzerland. This time I flew to Germany for an exclusive tour of the adidas global headquarters. What a dream! Before I take you through the badass sporty world of adidas, […]

Good Food, Good Life: All About Keeping A Balance 3/3

Good food, good life. It’s all about keeping the right balance. Being away from home makes it easy to lapse into habits, especially when you’re away from your usual routine. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that when you’re on the road, your goal should be to maintain your fitness level, not necessarily […]