A Week Of Wellness: Your Guide To A Beautiful Life

To feel your best you have to take care of yourself. March is Wellness Month and I’ll be sharing some beauty tips this week on the Luxola blog

LXedit Wellness Week With Fay

Wellness is a balance of the mind, body and spirit. Consciously taking care of your own wellness is crucial for your longevity and happiness.

 I personally chose these products from Luxola to try out this week in honor of Wellness Month. It’s time to give the skin a treat in order to look good and put your best face forward! I’ll be posting daily for the whole week on LX Edit to share on how I use these products as part of my beauty regimen. Follow me on Instagram for the photo updates 🙂

Fay luxola feature
A sneak peek of my favorite things this week. Bookmark LXedit.com and look out for my posts!

Be good to yourself and you’ll be able to give a lot more to your family, friends and at work. Give yourself a healthy treat this wellness month. I’d love to hear what do to pamper yourself, leave it the comment please. Mahalo!

Freshen Up With Darlie Expert Fresh


It’s the first thing I get up to do in the morning and last thing I do before bed – brush my teeth. I’m paranoid about bad breath. Morning breath in particular can be quite embarrassing. There’s something a bit awkward in waking up and feeling like you need to go brush your teethbefore saying good morning to your boyfriend.

He says he doesn’t mind, but does he really?

Maintaining your oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums. A healthy mouth and healthy body go hand-in-hand.

Doesn’t it make sense to take control of keeping your teeth clean and breath fresh with the same focus you put on other aspects of your body?

Good thing there’s this new and effective product that I could feel satisfied about recommending to you – Darlie Expert Fresh. The key ingredient in this toothpaste includes an advance, active Zinc Citrate formula which provides all-rounded care for oral health.

darlie expert fresh toothpastet new

Bad breath is caused by a build-up of bacteria in the mouth. When you don’t brush and floss your teeth regularly, bacteria accumulate on the bits of food left in your mouth and between your teeth. The sulfur compounds released by these bacteria make your breath smell.

When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me that if I don’t brush my teeth before bed, bugs will enter my mouth to feed on the bits of food stuck on my teeth. I’m pretty sure I’ve had nightmares from that…

if you don't brush your teeth before bed

Of course that doesn’t ever happen. Better to be safe than sorry though. Protect your teeth!

The Active Zinc Citrate formula in Darlie Expect Fresh toothpaste effectively does two things – 1) Attack the source of bad breath by minimizing the formation of dental plague and tartar and 2) forms a protective shield to Defend against plaque build-up.

darlie expert fresh ingredients

The Attack-Defend system provides 12 hours of protection against bad breath. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day promotes healthier teeth and gum as well as fresher breath you can wake up to every morning.

 Darlie Expert Fresh toothpaste comes in a 120g tube at $5.90 and 40g tube (great for traveling!) at a promotional price of $2. It is available in most grocery and pharmacy stores such as NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime, Watsons, Guardian and Unity.

darlie expert fresh toothpaste

I like that the toothpaste comes in a convenient pop top lid that can also stand on its own. No more losing a screw-on cap in the sink hole or trying to fit a toothpaste in your rinsing glass.

darlie toothpaste expert fresh

The minty flavor of this toothpaste gives your mouth a refreshing kick, one that I look forward to every morning!I can’t help but sweep my tongue over my teeth everytime after I brush them because it feels so squeaky clean.

darlie toothpaste expert fresh singapore

After brushing my teeth with Darlie Expert Fresh toothpaste, I’d rinse the toothbrush and use it to gently brush my tongue as well. A quick breath check (cup your hand over your mouth and breathe out…) tells me that I have a fresh breath that’s ready for a kiss! 😀

Join Darlie Expert Fresh at Chevron House Entrance for ‘The Fresh Quest’ on 20th & 21st March 2014  between 11:30am to 7:30pm for two fun-filled days of exciting games, freebies and promotions. Don’t miss this, there’s a chance you may even win an iPad Mini!

Watsons Chevron House

Head over to Darlie Singapore Facebook Page for more info!

Beauty Cleanse Juice Detox 3-Day Diary

I was already seriously considering buying a juicer so that I could include more fruits and vegetables into my diet. I don’t think many people realize that we’re not eating enough natural foods as we’re so used to eating packaged or processed foods such as bread, rice and tortilla wraps (guilty-as-charged, I love burritos).

So when the opportunity came to try out the Beauty Cleanse juice detox, I was more than ready to get started.

3-Day Juice Detox Diary

A 3-day or 5-day cleanse will leave you feeling lighter, cleaner, and revitalized as you replace your meals with six (500ml) delicious, organic, freshly cold-pressed juices. This essentially allows your body to heal and renew itself as your digestive system takes a break from any form of overindulgence and unhealthy food choices.

So what’s so special about Beauty Cleanse? Why can’t I just buy a blender and make the juices myself at home?

The answer is the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juice — also known as The Best Juicer In The World! Unlike your usual home blender or juicer, the Norwalk completely extracts all the essential nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and minerals into your juices using approximately 2 tons of hydraulic pressure. It is also designed to provide oxidation free juice, which means better tasting and longer lasting juices.


Beauty Cleanse is the 1st and only juicing company in Singapore to utilize the Norwalk to produce consistently delicious, high quality juices with clear superiority in the extraction of nutrient content to heal and renew your body one juice at a time.

When you sign up for a 3-day or 5-day cleanse, your juices are prepared the night before delivery day so it stays fresh and nutrient-loaded for the next three days. For the 5-day cleanse, there will be 2 deliveries, one on the day before you start the cleanse, and another on the third day.

Gathered from earth’s richest nutrient-packed produce, their ‘living’ juices are entirely 100% Organic, Raw (Unpasteurized), Vegan & Gluten-Free.

*     *     *     *     *



Day 1 on Beauty Cleanse 3-Day Juice Detox

beauty cleanse juice detox

The bottled juices were delivered to my home the day before I started the 3-day juice cleanse. I chose to do it for 3-days instead of 5 because I had never done any kind of detox before and wasn’t sure of what to expect or how my body would react to it. So this shorter trial would be a good introduction.

A 3-day Beauty Cleanse care package came with 18 bottles of juices (6 per day) and a few organic supplements which included a small pack of colosan powder, spirulina, acai berry, milk thistle, green superfood, flaxseed oil and pu-erh tea. The supplements are aimed to provide further support in the cleansing process and maximize the potential benefits you will receive during and after completing the cleanse. However, you may also choose a cleanse plan with or without supplementation. 

2013-09-11 13.02.45

Beauty Cleanse provides daily email and phone support, so if I had any questions or doubts they’re always there to assist. It’s like having your a personal nutritionist!

Beauty Cleanse juices were carefully designed and formulated by their personal mentor and nutritionist consultant,  Cherie Calbom.  For more than 20 years, Cherie has been a holistic health educator, juice expert, nutritionist, whole foods chef, best-selling author, and seminar speaker. Known as “The Juice Lady” for her extensive work with juicing, she has taught thousands of people how to live the juicing and raw foods lifestyle.

The first day went by really smoothly. I was excited to try out the different flavors of all 6 juices! The best part was, I didn’t have to do groceries for the next 3 days or think about what meal to prepare next as I had all I needed!

My fridge was stocked up with all 18 bottles of Beauty Cleanse juices. Make sure to keep them all refrigerated!
My fridge was stocked up with all 18 bottles of Beauty Cleanse juices. Make sure to keep them all refrigerated!

For breakfast each morning, I had 1 tablespoon of Green Superfood mixed with only the second half of my first juice of the day, 1 capsule of acai berry, 1 milk thistle/liver support supplement, 2 capsules of flaxseed oil and 2 tablets of spirulina.

 I took the colosan powder on the 2nd day.

Beauty Cleanse Supplements

Benefits of the supplements

Colosan powder

  • Colosan will softly oxidise and cleanse your intestines and colon utilising the power oxygen to clear the putrefaction accumulating in your intestines and colon.
  • Colosan provides ongoing protection from toxins and encourages nutrient absorption, allowing you to get more out of the food you eat.
    When taken with lemon juice or other acidic juice, that oxygen is released inside the digestive tract, producing powerful de-toxifying effects.
  • It cleanses the bowel, and may have beneficial anti-fungal or anti-candida, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
  • The goal of colon cleansing is to clear the small intestines and colon of impacted material and improve their functions of assimilation, absorption and elimination.


Green Superfood (Organic) 

  • Beauty Cleanse recommends organic green superfood from Genesis Today GenEssentials™ Greens.
  • This product is made with careful selection of quality, organic, and Freeze-dried land and sea vegetables combined with a synergistic blend of herbs, superfruits, enzymes, and probiotics. It has been formulated to help support digestion, detoxification and daily nutrition.
  • Genesis Today’s GenEssentials™ Greens™ delivers the phytonutrients of 3-5 servings of dark green leafy vegetables in every serving.


Acai Berry (Organic)

  • Acai berries contain the highest known source of antioxidants for increasing metabolism, fatty acids Omega 3,6 & 9, along with loads of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • They are also high in fiber low in glycaemic index (GI), meaning that they help keep your blood sugar on an even keel, enabling you to stay energized and focused for longer while controlling appetite and allowing you to achieve weight loss.
  • Beauty Cleanse source their acai berry capsules from RioLife Singapore.


Milk thistle (liver support)

  • Provide the ultimate combination of herbals, amino acids & food-based nutrients to support liver health & detoxification.
  • It is uniquely formulated to support normal liver function and exert a protective effect against substances harmful to the liver.
  • Promote bile production, secretion and release
  • Help recycle, extend and replenish the power of glutathione – a super antioxidant essential to liver health
  • Nutritionally support healthy fat metabolism in the liver
  • Beauty Cleanse source this supplement from Nature’s Way Super Thisilyn


Essential Fatty Acids/ Flax Seed Oil (Organic)

  • Formulated to contain Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids necessary for increased metabolic rate to burn more calories, oxidation rate, energy levels, weight loss, strengthened immune system, improved brain function, eliminate water retention and clearer skin.

Spirulina (Organic)

  • Spirulina promotes digestive and bowel functions, suppressing bad bacteria like e-coli while stimulating beneficial flora.
  • The richness of natural chlorophyll contained helps to clean and detoxify our blood, internal organs, and bowels by aiding the body in processing more oxygen, reducing toxin build-up in the process.
  • It strongly promotes optimal blood pressure and the growth and repair of human tissue.
  • It is also the richest natural source of beta-carotene, with a full spectrum of ten mixed carotenoids that are powerful antioxidants with anti-cancer and anti-aging compounds, protecting the cells from free radical damage and enhancing the functions of the immune system.

Beauty Cleanse sources their spirulina tablets from AlphaHealth Singapore.

 *     *     *     *     *

Now that we know exactly what each supplement is good for, let’s start the cleanse!

Why Juice Cleanse

After drinking a glass of warm lemon water upon waking up, I had my first juice with the supplements.

10.00AM: 1st Juice (Purple blend – Apple, beetroot, celery, ginger, red cabbage)

Thoughts:  I picked this one to drink first because the color was the most appealing. I finished half the juice and mixed the other half with 1 flat tablespoon of green superfood. This gave me the energy I needed to start the day.

 2013-09-11 13.09.11

12.00PM: 2nd Juice (Light green blend – Apple, cucumber, celery, kale, ginger)

Thoughts: This blend was quite light and nutritious. 3 types of excellent vegetables – cucumber, celery and kale in one juice mixed with apple and ginger. GREEN, TASTY and oh-so-GOOD FOR YOU!

1.00PM: Get active! 30 minute light exercise  – Speed interval cardio training

Promote the detoxification process with some light exercise such as yoga, swimming, jogging or even massages or spa treatments. Make sure to drink plenty of water especially if you’re going to sweat it out!

 Fay's Beauty Cleanse Workout

Begin by spending 5 minutes jogging, walking, or biking. Then, you’ll stretch. Each stretch should be done for two sets of 30 seconds before moving on to the next one. It is not enough for you to sit in a stretching position and pretend to exert yourself. You have to actually reach, pull, and move with purpose. Prepare your muscles for the work they’re about to perform.

After you’ve gone through the all of the stretches, move to your choice of cardio. Cardio can be done on the treadmill, stairmill, bike, or even outside. It’s up to you. But, no matter which machine you choose for cardio, it’s your job to do the work and keep your heart rate up. You’ll do 5 sets of the circuit. The circuit consists of 2 minutes of jogging and 1 minute of running.

Your final task for the day is to cool down and stretch. When you put your body through a huge amount of stress, you need to help it heal.

Jog, bike, or walk for 5 minutes and then repeat the warm-up stretching series to end the workout while slowing your heart rate back down. Make sure to get enough rest to complete your body’s recovery!

Back to the juice cleanse…

2.00PM: 3rd Juice (Orange blend – Carrots, cucumber, pineapple)

Thoughts: What a sweet and refreshing mix! 

3PM: Had a cup of hot green tea.

5.30PM: 4th Juice (Spicy lemonade – Cayenne pepper, honey, lemon)

Thoughts: If you like spicy soups or if you were craving something hot, then the spicy lemonade should help to curb the craving. The cayenne pepper was a little spicy but definitely quite an interesting mix with the honey and lemon!

7.30PM: 5th Juice (Dark green blend – Kale, romaine, celery, cucumber, mint.)

Thoughts: So this is pretty much purely a vegetable juice. If you don’t like eating your greens you might find this a bit hard to drink. Take your time and sip through a straw.

10.00PM: : 6th Juice (Cashew nut milk —  Cashew nuts, cinnamon, honey)

Thoughts: The cashew nut milk is my favorite drink out of all the blends. It’s a perfect drink to have before bed. I was surprised I wasn’t feeling super tired or lethargic as I had expected on this juice cleanse. My tummy felt settled and ready to fast until the next morning.

11.00PM: Bedtime

Take small sips of the juice instead of finishing the whole bottle at one go. I set an alarm on my phone for every 2 hours to make sure I drink the next juice on time. When I’m not sipping on juice, I’m drinking warm lemon water or tea.

  *     *     *     *     *

Day 2 on Beauty Cleanse 3-Day Juice Detox

I did the colon cleanse on Day 2 as I was able to spend the whole day at home. It would probably be a good idea to do this on a weekend when you’re at home or off work because the colon cleanse causes a laxative effect, so you gotta make sure the bathroom is always accessible!

I had to use the bathroom a number of times within the first 2 to 3 hours after taking the colon cleanse but it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Maybe it helps that I drink lemon water everyday! Lemons are a natural diuretic and helps to naturally cleanse your body.

I changed the order of the juices I drank throughout the day, except for the cashew nut milk (meant to be consumed only before bed). There’s a cheat sheet with a list of things you’re allowed to eat only if you really, really have to.

Although I wasn’t very hungry, my stomach felt quite empty after the colon cleanse and I couldn’t resist a few celery sticks! I also enjoyed a fresh coconut juice in the evening.

Drinking Fresh Coconut
Keep yourself hydrated and please those tastebuds with fresh coconut juice.

*     *     *     *     *

Day 3 on Beauty Cleanse 3-Day Juice Detox

I was feeling a little moody and less energetic than usual on Day 3. It didn’t help when I realized that time of the month was coming up too. I listened to some soothing music and did yoga followed by meditation to help relax the mind and body.


I continued to drink lemon water throughout the day and tried the organic Pu-Erh tea in the afternoon. Unique and intriguing, pu-erh is a post-fermented tea which comes from the Yunnan province in China. It is known to aid digestion, weight loss, reduce cholesterol, remove toxins from the body, as well as providing anti-inflammatory effects. A cup of warm tea never ceases to make me feel at ease.

Although my teeth was eager to chomp on some food, I resisted with a handful of almonds instead.

The day was over before I knew it and I finally drank the last bottle of cashew nut milk. Mission accomplished!


I’ve never felt more energized, hydrated, and cleansed. I was so proud of my waistline, the stubborn flab just below the belly-button was diminished. No fatty carbs and drinking a ton of water must’ve helped to flushed out all the toxins. This probably has a lot to do with the glow I saw on my face and skin on the third day.

One of the biggest benefits I found from completing my cleanse was that it motivated me to stay on a healthy path for weeks afterward. Mentally, I was so rejuvenated by the 3 days I spent cleansing that the last thing I wanted to do was throw it all away.

It’s important that you don’t dive straight into packaged or cooked foods after the cleanse! I noticed major side effects such as stomacha pain or mild discomfort whenever I ate something unhealthy like pizza or potato wedges (oops!).

The rule of thumb is that you should have raw foods for the first few days after your cleanse. This will provide your body with vital minerals, vitamins, enzymes, nutrients and more while preparing your digestion system for dealing with cooked food again.

A juice cleanse is a great way to purify and prepare your body if you’re planning to kickstart a new workout program and begin a healthier lifestyle. Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? If you have, what was your experience? If not, is it something you would be willing to try?

 Why Juice Detox

To find out more about Beauty Cleanse packages and rices, explore your options on www.beauty-cleanse.com or check out the Beauty Cleanse Facebook page.

Journey To Success

Let’s face it – as much as we want to be healthy, sometimes circumstances may get in the way of our active pursuits. It’s called Life.

It happens.

As Henry Ford once said,

“Life, as I see it, is not a location, but a journey. Life flows.”


The road to good health is a journey. You shouldn’t always have to feel guilty for enjoying yourself or not having the time to put exercise, or your diet, at the top of your priority list on any given day. Listen to your body. Being active and moving daily means more vibrant energy but give yourself permission to exercise in a way that makes you feel good. Find out what you really enjoy doing as that’s the best kind of exercise that works wonderfully for your body. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, you’ll find it that much more difficult to keep at it.


Keep climbing. Being active with friends and family can be a fun way to get moving. Change your lifestyle one step at a time and inspire others along the way. The key is to DO your best to be consistent and focus on making progress however small; you will develop discipline if you stay committed. Discipline comes hand in hand with willpower and determination. It’s important re-evaluate your goals every so often to make sure you’re still challenging yourself and taking note of any improvement or deficiency in your performance.


There is no room for complacency in terms of goal setting – when you achieve one, it’s time to make another. It’s also just as important to have short-term practical goals to keep you realistically motivated as it is to have “dream” long-term goals to aspire towards. Real success is not built overnight or without adversity. Nothing great is achieved without perseverance and enthusiasm.


“Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars.”

Sometimes you gotta cut loose and not put too much pressure on yourself. I proudly pig out on one of my favorite foods every Saturday because you know what, it makes me a little more happy. It’s all about keeping the right balance between working hard to be active and enjoying the journey.

Sarawak laksa treat

With perseverance and the right attitude, you can achieve your goals as did Henry Ford. Investors pulled out of his business twice before he finally made a breakthrough in the Henry Ford Motor Company that revolutionized the car industry. So, if you suffer a setback or fall down, what’s most important is how you get up again.

“One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity more intelligently to begin again.”

– Henry Ford

Read the full advertorial post for Ford Fiesta here.

Know Your Body & Find The Perfect Fit

Finding the right cut and jean size can go a long way, from flattering your best assets to giving you a boost of confidence. It’s often difficult and extremely rare to find that perfect pair of jeans that make you feel and look so good, you have to resist wearing them everyday!

Not all denim styles look good on everyone, and choosing the wrong style may draw extra attention to potential problem areas that may hurt your figure. Good thing I attended the denim specialist training program with GUESS jeans the other day as I picked up a number of great tips on how to find the perfect denim style for your body type.

Denim Specialists

Here I am with Nuffnang bloggers Melody, Qiu Qiu, Sherlyn, Velda and Jayne after our training program at the FJ Benjamin office GUESS store. The man sitting in the center is Keith, a celebrity denim specialist. After a brief self-introduction from all the bloggers, Keith shared with us some useful tips on how to identify your body type in order to find that perfect denim cut that also fits your personal style.

The first thing to consider when choosing your denim is which body type you have.

1. Hourglass – Hips and shoulders are about the same width.

Hourglass Body Type

A shapely, balanced figure with a well-defined waist means you have an Hourglass figure. Boot-legged jeans with mid-rise like the Starlet Petite Boot Slim will keep you looking slim in all the right places – but still show off your sexy curves. Dark, skinny jeans will also compliment the Hourglass figure. If you want to dress up your skinny jeans or wear them to work, choose a black or dark denim color and top off the look with a nice blazer.

Style tip: Nude pumps go well with almost any denim, just keep the toes closed so your look remains professional.

Brittney Skinny

I absolutely love this pair of Brittney Skinny GUESS jeans! First, it’s the color – turquiose, or what some girls would call Tiffany Blue. The color fade around the midriff takes a few inches off the waist and the bright color makes this pair of jeans the perfect companion for a casual day out.

* * * * *

2. Pear – A larger bottom half than top half.

Pear Body Type

When dressing to flatter a Pear shape, you want to draw attention upward to your upper body. Show off those beautiful shoulders! Ruffles, colours, and detailed tops are flattering since they draw the eye to the upper body. Balance your lower half with bootcut in a dark wash. Try the Brittney Flare or Starlet Boot.

Style tip: Buy two pairs when you find great jeans—one for wearing with heels, the other for flats. Without tailoring, jeans can end up looking quite sloppy and you’ll risk having the bottoms tear when wearing jeans that are too long with flats.

The makers of GUESS denim jeans have the styling down to a science. There’s nothing arbitrary about the pocket placement or washes that they use on every pair of jeans and it shows when you put them on! Check out the Starlet Petite Boot Slim Cut jeans – the purpose of the slight fading on this denim is to make your legs look slimmer. The sides of the hips are darker so the hips appear narrower.


* * * * *

3. Rectangle – Undefined waist but proportionally slim legs and arms. Bust and hips are of even proportion.

Rectangle Body Type

When dressing to flatter a Rectangle shape, it’s important to create curves as this body type is usually more athletic and strong. Create feminine curves with the Power Skinny, Venice Skinny or Kate Skinny.

Style tip: For the Rectangle shape body, you have the advantage of wearing low rise jeans and not worry about the dreaded muffin top! Look for styles with details on hips and bottom to add dimension. Anything flowy will look very elegant and soften your boyish frame.

Brittney Skinny

This particular pair of Brittney Leggings will compliment the Rectangle figure since it shows off the shape of the legs. I love the pink fade as it adds a nice feminine touch without being too girly 😉 . The stretchy material makes it so comfortable to wear, it’s as if you’re wearing leggings!

* * * * *

4. Heart – Proportionally board shoulders with narrow hips.

Heart Body TypeFor the Heart shaped figure, the key thing is to extend the length of your torso by choosing jeans with mid or low rise cut. Although you can pretty much wear any style, you may find it tricky to get a long enough leg length for those lovely pins! Try the Starlet or Petite Boot jeans.

Style tip: Skinny jeans look fantastic for girls with long legs, just make sure you choose a long top or tunic that goes over the jeans. If you love your butt, try skinny jeans with embellishments or glitter on the pockets to draw attention to them good assets! Avoid wearing pointy heels with skinny jeans.

Petite Britney Skinny

For those under 5’4” tall, try the Britney Petite Boot or Skinny paired with your favorite heels or wedges. Always remember – fashion looks best when you’re comfortable in your outfit. Flattering your figure with certain cuts, and avoiding less flattering pieces, is one of the best ways to reinforce confidence. Just because you’re short, doesn’t mean you need to be short on style!

* * * * *

5. Apple – Bust and midsection appear bigger than the hips.

Apple Body Type

For the Apple figure, choose straight-cut jeans in a dark wash and look for a lighter fading along the center panel. You could also go for the Brittney Flare or Starlet Boot. Look for side seams that sits slightly inward to help trim the legs.

Style tip: Open up the neckline. V-necks and scoop-necks are good for apple-shaped ladies as you often have a great bust. Don’t be afraid to show off the most flattering parts of your body!

Venice Slim Straight

Styling your denim jeans with a favorite pair of heels or flats and a simple cotton tee is a great effortless everyday look. To add a bit of your own personal style, accessorize with a vest, hat, necklace, vintage sunglasses or a clutch. Simple and stylish!

What I really adore about the Venice Slim Straight jeans is the laced hem and that bit of pink on the buttons and stitchings.

guess jeans detail

What makes GUESS denim jeans worth its price has definitely got to do with the quality and fit. Most of their premium denim is made from superior and more expensive material made in Japan, Italy or the US. When it comes to a good pair of jeans, fit is everything! Try on a pair and see for yourself 🙂

A little tip; Try on three pairs of the jeans you like to find out what fits you the best – get the size you think you are, one size below it and another size bigger. Work those quads and sit or squat while trying on the jeans to gauge the comfort level (too tight, or too loose?) and make sure your underwear doesn’t show.

During the training, I was assigned to style another blogger, Jeannie, who I had just met for the first time that day. Applying what I learned about body types and styling, I picked out an outfit which I thought would look great her. What do you think?

Guess Denim Style

To find your perfect fit, join me, your newly trained denim specialist at the GUESS store in Paragon on 17th August 2013 between 12pm to 3pm.

Snap a photo of yourself trying on a pair of GUESS jeans and stand a chance to be featured in Cleo magazine! Make sure to post your photo on Instagram and tag #GUESSjeans

See you there!