THWACK Launch Event In Singapore

June 29, 2011 – Much to my delight, I was invited to attend the press conference and official launch event of a new sports brand, Thwack, held at the Fairmont in Singapore. Thwack is supported and started up by One Sports, a part of India-based company, One Group.

I very much enjoyed my stay at the Fairmont. Its location makes it so convenient to get around with plenty of shopping and eateries nearby.
I was accompanied by my sister, Alyssa! We finally got to hang out again after she's moved back to Singapore from Japan. I've missed her so much and was glad that I was able to spend time with her during my short visit to Singapore.
At the Thwack press conference.
Speakers at the press conference: Reji Mathew (Managing Director of One Sports Network), Akhil Ganatra (Managing Director of One Group), Kiran Ganatra (Chairman of One Group) and Xiong Guobao (Former elite level badminton player from China).
Kiran Ganatra and Xiong Guobao unveiling the patented Thwack badminton rackets.

Xiong Guobao is a former elite level badminton player from China who won numerous international singles titles in the late 1980s. With support from One Sports, Coach Guobao designed a unique badminton racket to help enable a player to improve his or her game.

After 20 years of his athletic career as a player and a coach, Guobao found that the most important factor in playing the game is the grip. Hence, he’s crafted a patented design for the Thwack badminton rackets that comes with a unique embedded fingerprint to improve the technique of the player.

The Thwack badminton racket was designed in collaboration with estwhile world badminton champion (1984-1990), Xiong Guobao, whose scientifically designed grip will improve the game, particularly the forehand and backhand shots.

 Regardless of a professional athlete or an amateur, the grip is the most important aspect of the game. To master different stokes, it is important to master the proper grip. The Thwack badminton racket is aimed to guide both new and experienced players the right way of handling the racket and consequently improving their techniques.

Besides badminton rackets, Thwack is also developing tennis and squash rackets which is due to be launched later in year.

Posing with Xiong Guobao's cardboard cut-out because he was too busy with interviews that I didn't get the chance for a photo op... yet!

 Another unique product unveiled at the launch was the Thwack Humanoid. This product is another revolutionary exercise equipment designed on the principles of the Chinese martial art, Wushu.

Zig Zach was brought in to do a demo at the press conference. He is a professional Singaporean junior middleweight kickboxer better known for his Muay Thai fighting skills as a contestant on the international hit reality TV series, The Contender Asia.

A pair of punching gloves were included as part of the press kit and I loved it but it only came in medium size - which is a little too big for my hands!

 The Humanoid is made of a combination of PU, natural rubber and steel with suction technology that maintains its stability.

It’s perfect for practicing on your own, compared to the punching bag – which swings around a lot unless you have a training partner to hold it in position for you. It also features human body parts which gives you a better target spot to aim at when you practice your kicks and punches.

The Thwack Humanoid comes in 3 different sizes which varies in height: 1.6m, 1.7m and 1.8m
Your beasty opponent: The Thwack Humanoid.
Zig Zach giving a quick demo of the Humanoid just before the dinner event.

A dinner boxing event, hosted by Allan Wu, was held later in the evening in the glitzy Padang ballroom at the Fairmont hotel.

Thwack dinner boxing event held in the Padang ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel.

The night kicked off with Muay Thai fighters performing a traditional ritual which precedes all contests an training. Then, there was the celebratory toast to officially launch Thwack.

Clyde Petres giving the Thwack Humanoid a go in his suit, a la James Bond!

Clyde Petres (a European kickboxer and personal trainer) came all the way from Netherlands to attend the Thwack event. He owns his own gym where he’s tried and tested the Thwack Humanoid and practices kickboxing with it regularly. He had successfully battled cancer and is continuing his passion for kickboxing which makes his story truly commendable.

Clyde had a go with the Thwack Humanoid in his suit, a la James Bond! This just goes to show that the Thwack Humanoid is not just ideal for gyms but also in corporate offices. Don’t you ever feel like punching the wall to relieve stress at work sometimes?

The event had all the ingredients to make it a heady experience: Exhibition fights, demos by kickboxing champions, truffles, salmon, caviar and champagne on the menu.
With Sebastian Munter and Clyde Petres.
With Xiong Guobao and his associate, Jacky Man.
The night goes on with an after-party at New Asia Bar, one of my favorite night club in Singapore. The view from the 71st floor is amazing!

I was pleasantly surprised to see DJ Eva T who I’ve found out spins at New Asia Bar every Wednesdays. She flies down from KL every Tuesday/Wednesday to spin. KL represent! With such an amazing view and great company, it was the perfect way to end the night.

*     *     *     *     *

June 30, 2011 – The following day started early for me with my usual morning call with JJ & Ean on Then, it was time for me to get my workout of the day.

A bus was arranged to bring guests and members of the media to Sengkang Sports & Recreation Center at Anchorvale Community Club for the badminton training clinic.

I learned a lot from the training clinic and found myself liking the sport even more!

Watching Xiong Guobao play a friendly match at Sengkang Sports & Recreation Center (Anchorvale Community Club).

Coach Guobao did a demo to show the correct technique of gripping the racket and positioning of the leg movement with each shot.

Thwack badminton products.

 To complement the marquee products, Thwack also launched accessories like shuttle cocks, tennis balls, punch mitts and gloves, along with a range of stylized kit bags.

To get a glimpse of the Thwack badminton racket training video, check out .
Xiong Guobao signs his autograph on some of the Thwack products.
Thwack badminton rackets have been designed for both left-handed and right-handed users. It also comes in different sizes (length of the racket/ girth of the grip) to suit players of different age and abilities.

Thwack plans to continue conducting the badminton clinics across the globe in the next few months. In fact, badminton academies in India, Holland and Malaysia have invited Thwack to conduct the training clinics in August and September this year.

Thwack products will be available worldwide simultaneously through local distributors by the end of July and is definitely a brand worth looking out for.

Standard Chartered 10km Run

My first involvement in a marathon. Just 10km this year! Hopefully next year I’ll be able to do a half-marathon, and then a full 42km marathon and who knows, train for a triathlon?

Maybe next time I can join the elite runners!

Either way, this is quite a self-achievement for me although I wished I had a better time. I did it in 1 hour 17 minutes, which was what I had predicted considering the fact that I usually cover 5km in 40 minutes. Not the best time in a world but hey, I’m still new to this running thing…

I wished I had better training to build up my stamina but I didn’t get a lot of chance to run outdoors and running on the treadmill just isn’t the same. That might’ve sounded like an excuse but seriously, if I lived right by Desa Park City, I’d be more likely to run outside everyday.

It took a lot of mental strength not to slow down and walk when my legs started to feel tired. Jogging at a slower pace beats walking. It also helps to have over 10,000 other people running next to you. Why would you slow down, right? Keep up!

I should’ve had had a huge beef burger the night before. Eating meat (especially beef) or spicy food the night before is a terrible idea. Meat takes longer to digest.Carbohydrates come first and the easiest to digest, while meats and fats take the longest to clear on our digestive system. Meat may stay in the intestines for 24-72 hours! Likewise, red meat in particular takes 1-3 days to complete the digestion process because of fat content and high protein.

Even the quick digesting foods have to wait until the slowest digesting food like meat leave the stomach. The best idea is to avoid meat and eat more complex carbs like oat bran, brown rice, whole grain bread, fruits and vegetables at least 1 to 3 days before your race.

Been feeling bloated for over a day now… Better load up on some fiber!

Hennessy Artistry Malaysia 2011 – Voodoo & The Opera

I hosted 2 Hennessy Artistry events last April (on April 28th & 30th) in Penang and KL. It was my first time in Penang and I have to say, they sure love a party. KL was welcoming as usual, everyone was amped.

Hosting Hennessy Artistry in Penang & Kuala Lumpur
Interview with Vandalism (AU)
Spinderella from KL (DJ Lizz & Miss Eva T)
Kyoto Protocol from KL
Hennessy Artistry at The Opera, KL
Fantastic crowd in KL!

To be invited to these exclusive Hennessy Artistry events, hit ‘Like‘ on the Hennessy Artistry Malaysia Facebook fanpage and look out for an update on the next event!

Black Circuit Lounge April 2011: Best Served When Deserved

Johnnie Walker Malaysia celebrated this year’s F1 season by throwing an exclusive black carpet event on April 9th, 2011, at Le Marquee, outside the Palace of The Golden Horses. Many would agree that it has got to be one of the hottest parties in Kuala Lumpur not only because both local & international celebrities come to grace the special event, all JW fans get nothing less than V-VIP treatment.

Le Marquee, Palace of the Golden Horses
With E! News Asia host, Dominique Lau

If you’re lucky, you may have caught a coverage of the event on E! News Asia. Dominique Lau was there to be the fashion police! Watch the official video of the party by Johnnie Walker here:

Helen Chong, DJ I-Tek, Adam Rose, myself & Norman Hartono
With Robyna Hon, Adam Rose and the Johnnie Walker ladies
Party is just about to get started!
The 4 DJs of the Night: DJ Faith (KL), DJ I-Tek (HK), DJ Sophia Lin (US) & DJ Bento (JP/US)

A couple of new tunes to add to your gym playlist brought to you by the DJs who rocked the dance floor that night:

DJ Bento‘s ‘Live @ Black Circuit Lounge KL, 2011
DJ I-Tek‘s ‘Club Bangers 2011

Also check out DJ Faith and DJ Sophia Lin on Facebook.

My favorite Johnnie Walker tagline.
My love.
Lewis Hamilton made a special appearance on the big screen that night - a very pleasant surprise!
With Charles and DJ I-Tek.

Black Circuit Lounge is something to look forward to every year because that’s when ALL my friends from all over the globe come to visit to attend the event. That’s how big it is! And I miss those guys. God knows how long I’ll be in Asia for…

To be invited to exclusive events by Johnnie Walker Malaysia, join their Facebook page and look out for their online contests.

*     *     *     *     *

A very special thanks to Dress Sense again for the beautiful dress by Faviana.

Animal Print Dress from Faviana - $645.70 to buy, $204.60 to rent. This is the only piece they carry in the store and because it's been rented out before, the price is marked down from its original retail price.
Leather Clutch from Inge Christopher - $279 to buy, $77 to rent

Read: Dress Sense – You Can Now Afford Your Dream Dress!

Interested in renting a dress but afraid you might ruin it due to unforeseen circumstances?

When you rent from Dress Sense, you first have to pay the full purchase price, which works like a deposit. After the two weeks’ rental, if you decide that you love the dress too much to return it, you can simply give them a call and keep the dress without having to make another trip down. However, if you want to return the rented item, all you have to do is to bring the item back in good order and you will get a refund (price of the difference between the purchase and the rental price) via the credit card that you made payment with, so there would be no cash involved.

In damage cases, Dress Sense hold the refund while their tailors and laundromat review how serious the damage is.

There are generally 3 levels of damages:

1. If the dress can be brought back to good condition via alteration or laundering, they will retain the respective alteration or laundry fee from your deposit and refund the rest as per normal.
2. If the damages cannot be made right with the above but can still be put back on the selling floor at a discounted rate, they will retain 15% of the dress’s purchase price as a penalty fee to make up for the discount and refund the rest as per normal.
3. If the damages are too serious for the dress to be saved, the dress will be considered sold and no refund will be made.
In all three cases, no additional transaction will be required on the customer’s part. Dress Sense makes all the transactions it easy and convenient.

I have to say, after using their rental service more than twice, you can testify that their dresses are extremely well-made and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to return them well! Check out Dress Sense on Facebook.

Black Circuit Lounge Invites

My invite to the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge in KL this Saturday arrived this morning!
Female attendees get a necklace, while the boys get a cool money clip.
The idea of a necklace as an invite for the ladies came after I made use the Johnnie Walker badge and turned it into a pendant.
^ I do a little bit of jewelry design during my free time so I used some of my tools to create a bunch of 'Johnnie Walker accessories'. So far there's a JW Blackberry cover, JW earrings, and of course, the necklace, which is now the official invite.

Charles designed the money clip which I think is pretty sweet too. And just for the record, as much as I love the brand, I don’t work for Johnnie Walker. Charles does!

*     *     *     *     *

This Saturday’s party is gonna be off the chain. There’s a huge line-up of international and local DJs spinning at the party. I’m looking forward to DJ Bento (Japan) and DJ Sophia Lin (USA) because I recommended them both for this event. There’s also DJ I-Tek coming from Hong Kong and Malaysian talent, DJ Faith.

For those attending the party (especially my Singapore crew!), bring on your A-game and prepare to have a sick time 😉