From The Studio To The Streets | adidas Fall/Winter 2015

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Behind-the-scenes | Shooting at adidas HQ in Germany

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Fitness bloggers unite! Ally, myself, Alex, Faya and Jonathan indulging in a traditional German dinner after fun photoshoot day.

Thank you adidas Singapore and the global team in Herzogenaurach for this truly memorable experience. Don’t miss my previous post ‘Enter The World of adidas: Spring/Summer 2015 collection‘ for more style inspiration.

Photographed by Kalle Singer for adidas

Tie-Dye & Eco-Friendly Style

Thread4Thought Skirt Post

Calinda Skirt

Threads for Thought is a sustainable clothing brand whose mission is to create fashion that empowers people. Not only does Threads for Thought produce sustainably made clothing, but the company also donates 10% of purchases over $75 to the New Roots campaign, which aids displaced refugee farmers gain the tools and training they need to grow healthy and affordable food and become self-sufficient.

adidas #mygirls, here we go!

adidas #mygirls is all about bringing sporty sisters together to motivate, inspire and share our passion for fitness.

We’re active. We move. We take on challenges.

Are you ready to go all in with #mygirls ?


I’ve been over the moon and words can’t describe how stoked I am about being a part of #mygirls in Southeast Asia. 5 adidas girls represent Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore/Malaysia. We all have at least 2 things in common – sports, and love for the 3 stripes 😉

adidas mygirls fitness
Kim (Vietnam), Maria Selena (Indonesia) and Si Phitsinee (Thailand).

Don’t mess with Kim because she’s into taekwando, you could probably tell from that knockout figure! Maria is a professional basketball player and Si Phitsinee enjoys boxing and yoga fly. Kickin’ ass is a full-time job.

mygirls asia
Ana Karylle (Philippines), Maria Selena, Si Phitsinee and I are all in with #mygirls.

Besides capturing hearts with her beautiful voice, Ana loves ballet and running. These girls were so much fun to hang out with and we really gotta thank adidas for the introduction! We had a 2-day photoshoot done at different locations. Here are some more behind-the-scenes…

adidas women shoot

adidas mygirls southeast asia 2013



Alvelyn, who was our photographer for the shoot, happened to be my homie! We used to work at Borders (yes, the bookstore) back in ’07 when we were art students. I’m so happy to see that she’s pursuing her passion for photography as a career. How often do we get paid for what we love to do?

No matter how busy work can get at times, take a step back and remember that you are capable of great and wonderful things and be blessed to be living a beautiful life. Grateful = Greatness.

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The adidas #mygirls dream team.
The adidas #mygirls dream team.

I’d like to thank WLF followers for your continued love and support. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So here’s another giveaway for one lucky fan. Are you all in? Check out the adidas store near you and snap a photo with #mygirls in the background for a chance to win this adidas Sennheiser earphones.

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Share your photo on my Facebook page or on Instagram with hashtag #mygirlsSEA to enter.

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Get on it. Go all in. Share your moment with #mygirls now!

Who’s Going To Stop You?

Who Is Going To Stop Me

The weather has been quite erratic lately; sunny one afternoon and heavy downpours the next. This time last month (Aug 11), the 2013 Singapore adidas King of the Road (KOTR) running event had to be cancelled due to bad weather. While others headed for breakfast or to the gym instead, my girl friend Sara (and her hubby, Hinn, the man behind the lens) decided to run part of the race course on the way home.

“How often do you get your own road? #queenoftheroad”, she said.

Kudos to you both! The thing they were pissed about was not so much about the event being cancelled and not getting a refund, but Hinn’s phone, which he used to take the photo, was soaked since they ran 10km in the rain. He had to replace it with another one for $350… making that run quite possibly the most expensive run they had to pay for.

Anyway, a week after the event, Sara threw her *famous* annual tea party for her closest friends. This girl loves running (she has a treadmill at home!) as much as she loves to bake, and boy did she whip up a storm!

Sara's Vintage Tea Party

She spent 16 hours baking all those pretty pastries while Hinn helped out with the mini sandwiches.

Check out the extensive menu:

Sara's Vintage Tea Party Menu

I’m not going to lie, I had a bite of almost everything! I couldn’t stop myself and everybody was keen to share (the calories). My favorite was her Nutella bread pudding and Hinn’s smoked salmon cucumber sandwiches. A bit of sin, a bit of healthy. Let’s keep it balanced, why don’t we?

Sara's Tea Party 2013

I wished you would just open up a bakery, Sara!

P.S.: I’m pleased to share that my favorite online shopping site and sponsor, just launched their own line of dresses. This green skater dress was from YesStyle Dress. Hit their site and check it out!

Know Your Body & Find The Perfect Fit

Finding the right cut and jean size can go a long way, from flattering your best assets to giving you a boost of confidence. It’s often difficult and extremely rare to find that perfect pair of jeans that make you feel and look so good, you have to resist wearing them everyday!

Not all denim styles look good on everyone, and choosing the wrong style may draw extra attention to potential problem areas that may hurt your figure. Good thing I attended the denim specialist training program with GUESS jeans the other day as I picked up a number of great tips on how to find the perfect denim style for your body type.

Denim Specialists

Here I am with Nuffnang bloggers Melody, Qiu Qiu, Sherlyn, Velda and Jayne after our training program at the FJ Benjamin office GUESS store. The man sitting in the center is Keith, a celebrity denim specialist. After a brief self-introduction from all the bloggers, Keith shared with us some useful tips on how to identify your body type in order to find that perfect denim cut that also fits your personal style.

The first thing to consider when choosing your denim is which body type you have.

1. Hourglass – Hips and shoulders are about the same width.

Hourglass Body Type

A shapely, balanced figure with a well-defined waist means you have an Hourglass figure. Boot-legged jeans with mid-rise like the Starlet Petite Boot Slim will keep you looking slim in all the right places – but still show off your sexy curves. Dark, skinny jeans will also compliment the Hourglass figure. If you want to dress up your skinny jeans or wear them to work, choose a black or dark denim color and top off the look with a nice blazer.

Style tip: Nude pumps go well with almost any denim, just keep the toes closed so your look remains professional.

Brittney Skinny

I absolutely love this pair of Brittney Skinny GUESS jeans! First, it’s the color – turquiose, or what some girls would call Tiffany Blue. The color fade around the midriff takes a few inches off the waist and the bright color makes this pair of jeans the perfect companion for a casual day out.

* * * * *

2. Pear – A larger bottom half than top half.

Pear Body Type

When dressing to flatter a Pear shape, you want to draw attention upward to your upper body. Show off those beautiful shoulders! Ruffles, colours, and detailed tops are flattering since they draw the eye to the upper body. Balance your lower half with bootcut in a dark wash. Try the Brittney Flare or Starlet Boot.

Style tip: Buy two pairs when you find great jeans—one for wearing with heels, the other for flats. Without tailoring, jeans can end up looking quite sloppy and you’ll risk having the bottoms tear when wearing jeans that are too long with flats.

The makers of GUESS denim jeans have the styling down to a science. There’s nothing arbitrary about the pocket placement or washes that they use on every pair of jeans and it shows when you put them on! Check out the Starlet Petite Boot Slim Cut jeans – the purpose of the slight fading on this denim is to make your legs look slimmer. The sides of the hips are darker so the hips appear narrower.


* * * * *

3. Rectangle – Undefined waist but proportionally slim legs and arms. Bust and hips are of even proportion.

Rectangle Body Type

When dressing to flatter a Rectangle shape, it’s important to create curves as this body type is usually more athletic and strong. Create feminine curves with the Power Skinny, Venice Skinny or Kate Skinny.

Style tip: For the Rectangle shape body, you have the advantage of wearing low rise jeans and not worry about the dreaded muffin top! Look for styles with details on hips and bottom to add dimension. Anything flowy will look very elegant and soften your boyish frame.

Brittney Skinny

This particular pair of Brittney Leggings will compliment the Rectangle figure since it shows off the shape of the legs. I love the pink fade as it adds a nice feminine touch without being too girly 😉 . The stretchy material makes it so comfortable to wear, it’s as if you’re wearing leggings!

* * * * *

4. Heart – Proportionally board shoulders with narrow hips.

Heart Body TypeFor the Heart shaped figure, the key thing is to extend the length of your torso by choosing jeans with mid or low rise cut. Although you can pretty much wear any style, you may find it tricky to get a long enough leg length for those lovely pins! Try the Starlet or Petite Boot jeans.

Style tip: Skinny jeans look fantastic for girls with long legs, just make sure you choose a long top or tunic that goes over the jeans. If you love your butt, try skinny jeans with embellishments or glitter on the pockets to draw attention to them good assets! Avoid wearing pointy heels with skinny jeans.

Petite Britney Skinny

For those under 5’4” tall, try the Britney Petite Boot or Skinny paired with your favorite heels or wedges. Always remember – fashion looks best when you’re comfortable in your outfit. Flattering your figure with certain cuts, and avoiding less flattering pieces, is one of the best ways to reinforce confidence. Just because you’re short, doesn’t mean you need to be short on style!

* * * * *

5. Apple – Bust and midsection appear bigger than the hips.

Apple Body Type

For the Apple figure, choose straight-cut jeans in a dark wash and look for a lighter fading along the center panel. You could also go for the Brittney Flare or Starlet Boot. Look for side seams that sits slightly inward to help trim the legs.

Style tip: Open up the neckline. V-necks and scoop-necks are good for apple-shaped ladies as you often have a great bust. Don’t be afraid to show off the most flattering parts of your body!

Venice Slim Straight

Styling your denim jeans with a favorite pair of heels or flats and a simple cotton tee is a great effortless everyday look. To add a bit of your own personal style, accessorize with a vest, hat, necklace, vintage sunglasses or a clutch. Simple and stylish!

What I really adore about the Venice Slim Straight jeans is the laced hem and that bit of pink on the buttons and stitchings.

guess jeans detail

What makes GUESS denim jeans worth its price has definitely got to do with the quality and fit. Most of their premium denim is made from superior and more expensive material made in Japan, Italy or the US. When it comes to a good pair of jeans, fit is everything! Try on a pair and see for yourself 🙂

A little tip; Try on three pairs of the jeans you like to find out what fits you the best – get the size you think you are, one size below it and another size bigger. Work those quads and sit or squat while trying on the jeans to gauge the comfort level (too tight, or too loose?) and make sure your underwear doesn’t show.

During the training, I was assigned to style another blogger, Jeannie, who I had just met for the first time that day. Applying what I learned about body types and styling, I picked out an outfit which I thought would look great her. What do you think?

Guess Denim Style

To find your perfect fit, join me, your newly trained denim specialist at the GUESS store in Paragon on 17th August 2013 between 12pm to 3pm.

Snap a photo of yourself trying on a pair of GUESS jeans and stand a chance to be featured in Cleo magazine! Make sure to post your photo on Instagram and tag #GUESSjeans

See you there!