ACTIVE8ME Is Launching Soon

ACTIVE8ME is coming soon in Asia. I’m excited to share with you this behind-the-scenes video from our filming last December in Bali. Not only will it give you a sneak peek of what is to come but it also captures the spirit behind part of the journey – inspiration, passion, purpose, fun, joy, commitment, excellence, friendship, teamwork and healthy active living.

Please go to to register your interest and download your FREE E-book on ‘Clean Eating Food Swaps’. Don’t forget to follow @active8me on Instagram!

Truly grateful to work with a DREAM TEAM Nikki Torres, Claire Broise, Mad-Max, Tasmanian-Angel/Surfer Andrew Campbell, Maka, Bella, Nic and of course the one with the VISION — founder, mentor, big brother, Jeremy Rolleston – THANK YOU for believing in me and making this a dream come true.

Stay tuned!

Be The Change You Want To See This 2017


Originality is the key to being memorable.


I posted this photo on Instagram and the caption was so long that I decided it’s better off as a blog post.

For New Year’s I took a roadtrip to Calaguas, a remote island in the Philippines, where I went on a complete digital detox. No wifi / internet / phone signal. No television / minibar / air-conditioning — and no electricity between 6am to 6pm. Completely ‘Castaway’… (Okay, I lied. There was a kitchen and I had a cozy hut with a bed. But I didn’t have Wilson — movie reference, fyi ).

During my time on the island, (and believe me, without technology / internet, suddenly I had a lot of time in my hands), I’ve come to realize that we spend our time either  CONSUMING or CREATING.

When I’m on my phone or computer I’m not only consuming energy and electricity, I’m consumed by the web scrolling through news feeds, listening to music or watching YouTube. Our world doesn’t need more consuming. It needs more creating. More PASSION, SOLUTION and CONTRIBUTION.

And it certainly got me thinking – How will I create a better life or way of living for myself and help change the habits of our society and future generations? What change do I hope to see in the future?

The answer involves more CONNECTIVITY – to a certain extent. I believe it’s becoming more important now than ever that we practice the discipline to power-down and disconnect when we can. How important is it to know what’s going on in other people’s lives via Facebook news feed than what’s happening right in front of you? Too often I see people scrolling on their phones while eating, or taking a Snapchat of everything while on vacation.

I wish we could be more present in the presence of others…

Our world may be changing but the true nature of life is not. If we are too busy staring down at our screens we’re going to miss all of it. Take the time to disconnect. I believe it’s a good way to reconnect with yourself and connect better with others. 


10 Strengthening Foam Roller Exercises

I’m back on a roll! Just did these foam roller exercises yesterday after a chill weekend in Boracay (chill meaning I skipped the gym, although running on the beach and SUP kept me active! ) and man…. is my body sore today. And I mean that good muscle-soreness where I know I’ve challenged my body to become stronger, not the bad – where I pushed my body too far that it literally hurts to move. Funny thing is, I’m going to use the roller some more later to release the knots and tight muscles from working out with the roller itself.

Foam rollers are one of my favorite exercise equipment because they are useful for both warming up before training, and afterwards for recovery. Plus, it can be used as a strength-training tool, helping to engage key muscles you want to tone, like your arms, abs, thighs, and butt.

Because the foam roller is a curved, unstable surface, it can replace a BOSU trainer or stability ball in many exercises to improve your balance and fire up your core muscles. 

There are many types of foam rollers in the market varying in quality, durability and length. My personal favorite is the 13-inch AccuPoint foam roller as it provides the best stability. (If you’re taller you may want a longer roller, try 16-24″.)

Here are 10 foam roller exercises to add in your warm-up or workout routine:

1. Standing Twist (30 sec)
2. Shin Splint Rollout (x8)
3. Push-ups (x6-8)
4. Plank Leg Raises (x8 each side)
5. Reverse Plank Ab Hold (x8)
6. Side Plank Leg Raise (x8 each side)
7. Oblique Crunch (x8)
8. Cobra Slide (x8)
9. Cross Crunch (8 each side)
10. Russian Twist (30 sec)

Let me know if you tried any of these exercises, I’d love to hear what you think about it!


How To Use Resistance Band To Improve Your Pull-up

There’s nothing like training outdoors in perfect weather. Building strength and improving stamina with calisthenics. Nica Sandra demonstrates how to do a proper pull-up with the help of resistance bands while we work up a sweat combining plyometrics and dynamic movements.

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I’m As Strong As I Choose To Be