Music For The Soul: The Future Sound of Yoga Mix

I used to listen to EDM in the morning to get myself pumped for the gym. Lately, not so much. Perhaps I’ve grown out of it? …or maybe it’s because I’ve been doing more yoga. And less clubbing. Ahh, that explains it.

Every week or so, I’d scour the internet in search of new music for my yoga and/or gym playlist. A few of my favorite sites to look are YouTube, SoundCloud, 8tracks or IndieShuffle. I stumbled upon this great yoga mix which I have been listening to a lot lately – whether it’s at the gym, yoga studio or simply while working at my desk.

Solon Yoga Mix 2

The mix is designed to fit the flow of a yoga practice, and works well for both personal practice, as well as for teachers looking for background music for their classes.The vibe is dreamy and haunting with a gentle intensity midway to support the core of the hour long practice.

It ends with SOLON’s recent release “Datta” – a track specifically written for savasana. The mix captures the current sound of the Future Sound of Yoga events and the artists featured include: James Blake, Caribou, Bonobo, Four Tet, Aphex Twin, Trentemoller and Massive Attack.

There are no sitars, tablas or wind chime sounds! The mix is made up of electronica from the likes of Caribou, James Blake, Aphex Twin, Trentemoller, Bonobo, and Massive Attack… It has already had been streamed over 6,500 times since its launch in Australia. DOWNLOAD NOW

If that sounds like music to your ears (no pun intended), you might also like to hear The Future Sound of Yoga Mix I.

Do you listen to music while practicing yoga? If so, please share some of your favorite tunes!


Let Me See You Twerk

I can’t believe how many people think I’m good at twerking—which is dope—like my life goal has been accomplished.‘ – Miley Cyrus

miley twerk

Now that’s something I wanna see – Hannah Montana AKA Miley Cyrus twerking to that song HANNAH MONTANA by Migos.

Miley’s racy VMA performance raised some eyebrows and didn’t earn her a lot of praise. Cutting off her hair, getting some ink, stripping off her clothes, twerking and speaking on drugs, smoking marijuana and gay rights, it’s clear that Miley has come a long way from her Disney days. She’s probably going through some sort of a rebellious phase so no need to get overly worked up about it; it’s all for entertainment. Like any other girl her age, she’ll grow out of it. Eventually.

Meanwhile, quit hatin’ cuz homeboi DJ KAKU just dropped an infectious new mix called ‘TWERK’. Will somebody get this to Miley?

dj kaku twerk

Download mp3