In Singapore for the Exclusive Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party…

Rewind 2 weeks ago, I was in Singapore during the weekend and attended the Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party held at the Red Dot Museum. Their last event took place at the Fullerton Bay Hotel, which I personally thought was a lot more fancy than the new event location but the museum was bigger so I guess they needed more space for their guests.

The last Johnnie Walker Jet Black party held at Fullerton Bay Hotel decked with a grand black carpet entrance.
People mingling outside the Red Dot Museum and taking pictures by the photo wall.
Almost everyone took turns to snap a photo by the wall!

But before I get into the details of the party, let’s talk dinner…

We started out the night with dinner at PS Cafe on Ann Siang Hill Park. It was a convenient 3-minute drive from Red Dot Museum. Any mention of the food listed in the menu made my mouth water. Especially truffle fries. Mmm. Truffle. Fries.

Loving the setting and ambience of the restaurant/cafe.
I haven’t had key lime pie since living in Key West! It certainly brought back some taste bud memories. Key lime cookies are great too, you have to try those cookies from Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe if you ever decide to visit the Keys in Florida.
Everything in the menu sounded delicious. We definitely struggled to make up our minds on what to eat.
I had the black cod fish with pumpkin for dinner. Miso cod, grilled cod fillet with white miso together with roasted eggplant and pumpkin. It was delicious. Hell, even the salad that we shared for appetizer was good. I find it impressive when restaurants take pride in making tasty salads.
Even after having lobster for dinner the night before, he dove straight for another big meal and went for the char grilled wagyu cheese burger.
Bell may be petite but don’t judge her appetite by her size but that girl can eat! Lucky girl. She had the laksa leaf pesto, truffle fries on the side and still had room for dessert. She also managed to finish off that sinful ice-cream pastry puff!
I enjoyed everything at dinner but I was a little disappointed with the key lime pie. Nothing beats the original key lime pie from Key West but this should’ve been better. Something about the crust… Anyway, I took about 3 bites and left the rest to the guy sitting next to me.
With the KL bloggers
This ferocious lime green dress and Inge Christopher gold clutch is from also from Dress Sense. I’m very grateful to have them sponsor my outfits for the 2 special events I attended in Singapore. Believe me, you won’t have to spend hundreds of money on a dress you’re probably going to wear just once anymore.

Dress Sense provides beautiful dresses and classy gowns like this for rental! I’ll write about that on my next blog post. Meanwhile…

We arrived to the party pretty early, around just before 9pm. After some photo takings on the black carpet, we moved on inside and were ushered into this little holding room where there were plush seats and tables tricked out with bottles of JW Black Label. Some people actually preferred the holding because it was more chill.
The holding room couldn’t hold that many people but there seemed to be nowhere to go so everyone was sort of wondering if that was it. But they had a bit of a surprise…
A loud siren went off and the lights at this hallway entrance lit up to which led everyone into the main room, where the REAL party was about to take place. Music and pumping and everyone started to get really excited!
Visiting from KL
Crowd was going off!
Sarah (Charles’ sister) is doing a 6-month trip around the world and did a stop in Singapore so she, too, joined us for the party!

Bangkok, KL, Singapore, Bangkok, Singapore, Bangkok…

Helen, Charles, Sarah and I.
Camera flashes were going off everywhere! Compact cameras, professional DSLRs and even phone cameras. When you’re having that much of a good time, you gotta make sure you capture as much of every moment.
My killer heels were killing me by the end of the night. I guess that’s why they call it ‘killer heels’, huh? There were zero seats in the main event room and I couldn’t be fussed to go back to the holding room to take advantage of the plush seats so I left the party around 1am. I probably would’ve stayed longer if I had more comfortable shoes on but not even heaps of whiskey could help me with the situation with my murderous kicks.

A friend of mine (a guy, if I may point out…) mentioned that my dress reminded him of Roberto Cavalli‘s Fall 2004 dress that Victoria Beckham wore to a pre-World Cup party in 2006. 1) I was impressed by his memory 2) …and his taste in fashion. He was right – it was toga-style lime green green with a dangerous slit that shows of a bit of leg. The dress I wore was indeed similar except the slit on my dress was on the back.

I love both dresses nonetheless. Whether it’s Cavalli or Jovani, if you have a special event coming up and need a dress to style you up, check out Dress Sense and find out how you can afford their luxurious items in my next advertorial post!

Receiving My Award For Being 1 of ‘100 Most Inspiring Real Women’

I was in Singapore 2 weeks ago to receive my award for being 1 of “100 Most Inspiring Real Women” and attend the Johnie Walker Singapore Jet Black Party (in Malaysia it’s called the ‘Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge‘).

The public event by Cozycot is to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) and was held at Orchard Central on March 12, 2011. Coincidentally, there was also another event held in the mall – the opening of the first Cold Stone in Singapore! That is insane. I never thought it would open here…

DID YOU KNOW THAT: The worst drink in America is the PB&C from Cold Stone? It is worth 2,010 calories, 131 grams of fat and 153 grams of sugar. If you’re going to eat that, you might as well not eat anything else for the day. I was very tempted to have some ice-cream as I walked past Cold Stone but thankfully, there was a huge line so I scrapped that stupid idea.

So what are 100 women receiving this award? We were nominated by family, friends and colleagues, as well as by CozyCot, with one or more of the following attributes:

  • Contributed significantly to their family, or others.
  • Demonstrated passion and drive for the enhancement of a cause.
  • Undergone a challenging experience to obtain her goal.
  • Shown passion in her career, and the interesting nature of her job.

Here’s my statement:

Orchard Central was P A C K E D that day! A lot of people turned up for the event to show support and take advantage of all the bargain provided by the sponsors of the event.

Found a mini cupcake with a note that says 'You Are The One!' on my seat at Cozycot's IWD event. What a thoughtful gift!
Receiving my award from Nicole Yee (Founder, CozyCot) and Agnes Loek (Guest-of-Honor & Singtel Director).

Cozycot's 100 Most Inspiring Real Women. Congrats to every one of you!
Wearing the 'Sex & The City' dress by Faviana that was kindly sponsored by Dress Sense.

Find out how you can buy/rent this dress in my next advertorial post!

For more photos from the event, check out the Cozycot IWD page!

*     *     *     *     *

Time to celebrate! After the event and shopping (I couldn’t help myself…) a little bit along Orchard Road, I went back to my hotel for a short nap before getting ready to go out again. The plan for the night was 1) Dinner at 1-Altitude and 2) Party at Filter Members Club.

I like hotel bathrobes...
This was what I received in the goodie bag at the IWD event. Tons of coupons, a stalk of rose, a little teddy bear and products samples. Samples come in handy when you do a number of short overseas trip!
With the girls from Kuala Lumpur: Angie Chandran, Racheal Tan and my love, Helenness Chong. Helen's leaving KL and going to travel around Europe for a few months. I am so going to miss her! 🙁
Charles & I at 1-Altitude for dinner.

The restaurant+bar was very posh and had a lovely view but I still much prefer Equinox & NewAsiaBar at Swissotel. Food was good but pricey. Service was excellent, even though they took forever to serve the food. The guys only started eating at about 10pm! It’s quite unhealthy to eat that late.  I only ordered appetizers for dinner and that came almost immediately. I try not to have such a big meal after 8pm. Speaking of which, I’m also currently working on this ‘new thing’ called The Super 8 Diet. I hate to call it a diet but well, it’s hard to stick to this plan. Will share that with when it’s ready!

Mmm. Lobster. Charles' main course.
My healthy choice for dinner... Sashimi 🙂
All the people who were at the dinner table. From KL, California and Singapore!

On our way to Filter Members Club after a satisfying dinner! Tamila and Sarah were visiting Singapore for the first time from Cali. Their gorgeous tan made me realize how much I miss the California sun and sea. I feel so beach-deprived since moving to KL!
Holly promised to pop by Filter to say what up so she did!

Celebrating with GOLD

My darling Rose Kye and her friend from Korea 🙂

^Burmese + German beauty, Lynn Wolf and Miss Taiwonderful, Tida Wei.

Hanging with Estelle Kiora and Helenness Chong.

^ Friendly faces + pretty lights + sweet vibes + hot music + plenty to drink = 1 helluva sick club party!
I love my friends... and boyfriend!

I’d like to thank Dress Sense for sponsoring me the beautiful Faviana dress and clutch for this event. It received a lot of compliments and almost everyone who were ‘Sex & The City’ fans pointed out that it was such the kinda dress Carrie Bradshaw would wear.

Find out how you can afford this gorgeous dress without burning your pocket on my next advertorial post for Dress Sense. Meanwhile, check them out on Facebook!

NYE Celebration @ Fullerton Bay Hotel + Birthday @ Filter Club

Last year, Rachel invited me to celebrate NYE at Fullerton Hotel and that was fun but this year, Tiffany got a suite at the Fullerton Bay Hotel so we got to watch an amazing view of the fireworks from the balcony! It was so much more spectacular as we were closer to the bay and the fireworks.

I invited Helen to spend the New Years weekend with me so she won’t be bored in KL. I’m pretty sure NYE in Singapore is  bigger than in KL. Counting down in a club is just won’t do!

Oh yes, if you’re interested in doing pilates, Song (far right) teaches at Pilates Flow. Check it out! I have yet to try pilates…

I wasn’t kidding about being sick. Both Helen and I. We even tried the whisky and warm water ‘trick’ but it didn’t really help much (the next morning we were still coughing in bed like an old couple). Although, we did forget that we even had a cough when we were partying that night because we were too busy having fun.

Watching fireworks by the bay… Amazing!

*     *     *     *     *

We went to Filter the next night for Langan’s birthday. Nice shirt, by the way! It said “I like girls that like girls“.

Helen wasn’t the only one from KL who came to Singapore to party… So did Henry and Hansen! Total riot.

♡     ♡     ♡     ♡    ♡

Liv was also visiting Singapore that weekend for NYE. If she looks familiar to you, you may have seen her on my previous post about a dress I wore from Joanne Kitten (available on YesStyle). She’s been a model for that brand for 4 years now. She’s also modeled for one of my favorite brands – a Japanese version of Victoria’s Secret called Ravijour.

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you had a fun & memorable time too.

GUESS Party @ DoubleTree KL

December 6th 2010 —  I was invited to this ultra-exclusive GUESS Party held at DoubleTree hotel by Hilton in Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago. It was a huge who’s-who event attended by celebrities, models and media, and has got to be the first GUESS event I went to held at a hotel, and not at a GUESS boutique.

Performers such as Mizz Nina and Shontelle rocked the stage before the fashion show. After-which, celebrities like Amber Chia, Azura and Deborah Henry made a special guest appearance and graced the catwalk donning the latest wear by GUESS. The ultimate GUESS party indeed. I’ll take one of everything that was showcased on the runway!

Only one word best describes the brand: Bombshell sexy.
David Lai, Charles Wright, myself, Andrea Kee and Leonard Chua
Shontelle performing "T-Shirt".
Leonard Chua, myself & Henry Golding.
Mizz Nina performing her hit song - "What You Waiting For"



I’m A Star Wars Jedi for Halloween 2010 in KL

Last year, I dressed up as slave Princess Leia for Halloween in Singapore so this year I decided to dress a little more conservatively since I heard that Malaysians don’t really dress up for Halloween (or any special events for that matter)! I had all the time to even make my own costume for the Princess Leia outfit (Read: Making My Own Halloween Costume 2009) but this year I got kinda lazy so I just rented instead…

Slave Princess Leia, 2009

The Jedi who killed Darth and stole his lightsaber, 2010

The costume store only had Darth’s lightsaber left so I didn’t have much choice. The total rent for our costume was RM170 and it came with 2 Jedi tunics, 2 pants, 2 Jedi robes, 2 sashes, 1 lightsaber and a pair of boots. Not bad, I think! Charles obviously made advanced planning and ordered his lightsaber a few months ago on ¬_¬

I somehow convinced Dawn to come to KL for Halloween and she stayed with me on Saturday night and flew back to Singapore on Sunday morning. She came solely to party with us on Halloween but we were all pretty disappointed in the Halloween spirit here in KL… Nothing beats Halloween anywhere in the States. FANTASYFEST in Key West, I missed you!

Helenness, in the other Wonder Woman outfit, dressed up for Halloween for the first time (a fine example that Malaysians don’t dress for Halloween) 😛 I’m so happy to have picked out your first costume, Helen!

Our favorite photo of the night taken in the lift of my apartment!

As you can see from the top left corner in the photo below – MOST OF THE GUYS who went to Zouk on Saturday night didn’t dress up.

The people who DID dress up were mostly girls… (and talents who were paid by Zouk).

Costume of the night goes to the girl who dressed up as Katy Perry in ‘California Gurls’ with giant cupcakes as her bra top… I wasn’t expecting that one!

We had another friend who also came as a Jedi… It made me wished we had a whole group of Star Wars characters – Jedis, Luke Skywalker, Storm Troopers, Darth, Princess Leia, Yoda and ALL!

We MADE the party that night, it almost didn’t feel like Halloween at all when we entered Phuture (sure, Zouk had all the decorations but the spirit -no pun intended- wasn’t there)…

*     *     *     *     *

Did you see Heidi Klum’s extravagant and totally over the top ALIEN TRANSFORMER outfit she wore for her annual Halloween party in New York? It made me wonder – did she hold in her pee throughout the whole event? I mean, that outfit isn’t exactly an easy slip on, slip off…

She and her husband, Seal always has the craziest costumes… Gotta love their enthusiasm!

What was the most interesting Halloween costume you saw this year?