What NOT To Say To A Personal Trainer

I’ve been seeing a lot of these “Shit ___ Say” videos on YouTube and some are pretty damn hilarious. The first one I saw was “Shit Girls Say“. And then there’s “Shit Asian Girls Say“… Check out the rest on YouTube yourself but THIS ONE you definitely gotta watch… Some of the quotes are pretty dead on.

Shit Women Say To Personal Trainers

“I think I need somemore cardio.”
“So, what do I have to eat to lose weight?”
“I feel like this is making me bulkier!”
“How many calories should I eat?”
“Squats, AGAIN?”
“I’ll just do somemore cardio and I’ll BURN IT OFF.”
“Push ups? NOO aahhh.”
“I’m like getting fatter. And then getting bulkier? And like, I exercise and eating healthier but like, nothing is happening.”


Look For Me In MEN’S HEALTH! + More Photo Updates…

Look for me in the December 2011 issue of Men's Health magazine (Malaysia)
As usual, some behind-the-scenes shots...
It happened to be scorching hot and sunny that day at the tennis court... I was dying! Would've definitely preferred no make-up and hair tied up.
What I usually wear to the gym: Loose t-shirt, black tights, Adidas CC Ride, gym gloves, iPod shuffle + headphones. I usually try to leave my cell phone at home, though.
Home gym? Only thing missing is my workout ball which I left in Singapore. Thinking about buying a kettlebell & medicine ball next.
Preparing meals for the next few days. ALWAYS PLAN YOUR MEALS! This is to avoid unhealthy last minute food choices.

 Remember: THE GYM is the easy part. THE DIET is what separates the men from the boys and the shredded from the stoned. Abs are made in the kitchen.

Gym water bottle, water tumbler and green tea. Gotta STAY HYDRATED! Forgot to include my protein shaker bottle, hehe.
My favorite gym gloves are completely worn out 🙁
Bangers & mash flavored Doritos? I'll stick to Nacho Cheese.
So cute. I want one 😛
I love horseback riding. But this horsey was a little lazy...
More photos of Yoda. He looks just like me...
Shoot for FACES magazine (coming soon). Loved the hair!
Messing around with my new Blackberry... Just got the new Bold 9900 and I love it! That's my mean face.
Halloween Day part 1 (Friday) at Avalon Singapore. Steve Aoki was spinning. No one really dressed up that night but Charles & I were already in the Halloween spirit.
Halloween @ MINK (Saturday). From left to right: Brokeback Mountain, Dracula, Korben & Leeloo Dallas from The Fifth Element, Redfoo from LMFAO (winner in my books!), Daisy Duke & sexy pirate.

I even had a MULTIPASS! :)

I sewed my whole outfit together and  even made this MULTIPASS!

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

Fitness Quote of The Day: Don’t Regret What You Are Not Doing.

Here’s a motivating quote to get you started this week!

Work off that sluggish feeling. Head here for an instant pick-me-up.

For me, today’s agenda is pretty simple. I’m going to step it up a notch this week so I’m splitting my cardio into 2 sessions – 30 minutes in the morning for cardio and 60 minutes in the afternoon for lifting.

So here’s the plan before I start off…

1.  1st breakfast – Green tea and a scoop of oats & Weetabix
2.  30 mins cardio
3.  2nd breakfast – 2 hard boiled eggs – whites only
4.  Photo/video shoot at the gym
5.  60 minutes weight training
6.  Lunch – baked salmon + broccoli for lunch
7.  Head to the supermarket + prepare meals for this week
8.  2nd lunch – 2 hard boiled eggs – whites only
9.  Dinner – grilled chicken + spinach
10. Plan tomorrow’s workout… Make sure I’m in bed by 1.30am.

Let’s go!

Have a great week ahead... Start your day right!