Recipe: Chicken Burrito with Mango salsa

My first attempt at making burritos turned out to be an epic success. I didn’t get to make guacamole as planned because the avocados I bought weren’t quite ripe yet. So I had to make do without the avocados and cilantro (which I forgot to buy…)  in my salsa.

The wholemeal tortilla made a good wrap. Best if heated up before adding the ingredients. So healthy, fresh and muy delicioso!
Basic ingredients: Enchilada sauce, lettuce, mango salsa, roast chicken bits and extra mango topping for mango lovers.

Charles is allergic to bell pepper and all the salsa sauces I found in the supermarket had bell pepper in their ingredients so I had to skip that and made mango salsa. It’s better to make it from scratch anyway – no preservatives and FRESH!

I used 3 tomatoes (2 diced, 1 crushed), 1 mango (diced), 1 yellow onion (diced), 4 cloves of garlic (minced), 1 jalapeño, 1 red Thai chili and some salt, sugar and pepper to taste.

It turned out to be a bit spicy, but not too much 😉

Roast chicken. You can use whatever you want for the filling. I usually prefer either chicken, fish or shrimp. Fish tacos are so rare here!
It's a burrito party!

I’m thinking I should do stock up on the ingredients and do this more often…

This Is Me… Post-Workout


Promax Diet high-protein shake. I've just started taking this on Monday after my workouts.
Promax Diet high-protein shake. I’ve just started taking this on Monday after my workouts.
Brown rice + Balinese fish + mushroom tofu
Brown rice + sweet & sour fish + garlic broccoli

I try to keep the  food proportions small so I don’t feel stuffed after eating. That’s key. The protein shake also seem to help control my eating. Not bad I must say. Wait for an update on that next week.

Herbed Pasta with Smoked Salmon

Lunch I made the other day – which was fairly simple to make.

Just steam the broccoli in the rice cooker while cooking the pasta. Drain the pasta once it’s cooked and heat up the saucepan with some extra virgin olive oil. Sauté the pasta and then sprinkle the ‘Herb & Garlic’ seasoning with it. Serve on a plate with the smoked salmon on top and steamed broccoli on the side.

I’ve been drinking 2 glasses of warm lemon water every morning for over a week and it’s doing wonders to my digestive system, skin and appetite! If you drink coffee every morning, try giving warm lemon water a try this week – it makes a good form of laxative too 😉

A Simple Dinner I Made…

Just a simple dinner I made for myself yesterday… Meatballs (from IKEA) with steamed broccoli, garlic brown nice with sunny side up eggs. Fairly easy to make – just cook the brown rice and steam the broccoli with it (my rice cooker comes with a steamer). Then I fried the rice with some chopped garlic and onions. Wrapped the meatballs with aluminum foil and popped it in the oven; it was ready in 15 minutes.

I’ve kinda gotten used to not having a microwave although I miss the convenience of heating up leftover food. I always end up throwing away my leftover pasta because the oven ‘overcooks’ the pasta and it becomes too hard.

But anyway, it’s better to eat fresh food than leftovers anyway!

Easy & Healthy Recipe: Garlic Spinach with Chicken & Mushroom Pasta

As always, this was my first time making this recipe (I’m no Naked Chef, yet) but it turned out great so I’m happy to share it with you guys. It’s called ‘Garlic Spinach with Chicken & Mushroom Pasta’ – because that’s pretty much most of the ingredients I used. I might need to start to get more creative with my recipe names!

This example I’m demonstrating is made for 1 so if you’re cooking for 2 or more, I suggest you double up the ingredients.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 serving of pasta

4-5 cloves of garlic (blended)

4 white button mushrooms

1 cup of minced chicken

extra virgin olive oil


salt + black pepper

You’ll need about this much pasta if you’re cooking for 1.

Ideally, it’s better to blend your garlic until it becomes almost liquid/foam-like but I didn’t have a smaller blender so I had to use the Garlic Zoom (from and sort of mash it up a bit with a spoon (guess I really do need a mini blender – not for making protein shakes only)

I took out the stems from the spinach (here, I’m using red spinach) so I get only the leaves. You don’t really want the vegetable stems in this dish. I also prefer to break my pasta into half so it’s easier to cook and eat.

Start by cooking the pasta first. Add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil into a saucepan filled with water. Add a pinch of salt if you like and the pasta into the saucepan and leave to boil.

Heat up a pan with some oil and add the blended/minced garlic until it turns slightly brown. Then, put in the chicken and mushrooms, followed by the spinach. Stir well and let it cook evenly.

Quickly remove the water from the other saucepan. Using a tong, carefully add the pasta into the pan with the cooked ingredients. Stir them well. Your kitchen should start to smell pretty good by now!

Next, add some black pepper and mix the ingredients together and you’re ready to serve.!

Very simple and so easy to cook using basic ingredients. Takes about 20 minutes to prepare. Good luck and happy eating healthy!